The Climate Building Illustration - Translated!

The project doesn't stop at illustrating climate change. Awareness raising begins when you are able to reach people. Reaching people depends on making yourself understood.That ios why we began to translate the illustration. Here are our illustrations in multiple languages with links to the print-size versions of the illustration.

These illustrations are available under a creative commons license. Please feel free to share and use them for awareness raising and educational purposes. Please mention DiploFoundation and link to our website (

We would also be happy if you could let us know how and where you used it.

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Our COP17 outcome: new translations in Arabic, Hebrew, and Romanian
ARABIC - translated by community members Abir123 and Ewaida

HEBREW - translated by community member Eitan99

ROMANIAN - translated by community member alina.bruj and Petru Dumitriu (senior Diplo fellow)

Our first ten languages
MONGOLIAN - translated by Tsengel Nergui, Ministry of Nature, Environmentand Tourism, Mongolia

INDONESIAN (Bahasa) - translated by Amanda Katili-Niode (The Climate Project Indonesia)

CHINESE (simplified) - translated by Ding Yaoqing, Shangri-la Institute for Sustainable Communities, China

CHINESE (traditional) - translated by Ding Yaoqing, Shangri-la Institute for Sustainable Communities, China

ITALIAN - translated by Claudia Sisti

GERMAN - translated by Katharina Höne (Diplofoundation), with support from Oliver Hasenkamp and Andrea Schlönvoigt

SERBIAN - translated by Nikola Radinovic and Nikola Božić (DiploFoundation)

RUSSIAN - translated by Tatiana G. Avdeeva, Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry

SPANISH - translated by Alejandra López Carbajal

SWEDISH - translated by Petra Kjel